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Rumor: The HTC Accord is Renamed to 8X

Tony Hannides Sep 3, 2012 0

HTC Accord  quik guide

While I’m no expert on phone names, naming a phone after a car (Accord) might be confusing in conversation. Maybe that’s why HTC is changing the name of the HTC Accord to the HTC 8X. This is still speculative, but according to a leaked quick start guide, it is referring to the phone as the 8X. The Accord 8X looks to be a mid-ranged Windows Phone 8 handset that sports a 4.3″ display, dual-core processor, 8MP rear shooter, NFC and 1GB of RAM. Other than that, the details are sparse. Hopefully, HTC will announce something soon.

So would you rather own a phone that’s named after a popular car or one that’s named after the minimum amount of times one should see Star Wars? And yes, I’m speaking of Episodes 4 through 6.

Via »WP Central