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Rumor: Xbox 360 to get stereoscopic 3D?

Radford C. May 24, 2011 0

Eurogamer‘s sources have told the site that full stereoscopic 3D, the type that’s been heavily pushed on tons of games for PS3, is on its way to Xbox 360.

“They’d be mad not to do it, is all I can say. The machine is not only very capable, it’s more capable than the PlayStation 3 of doing stereo, assuming you don’t have one of the old crappy ones with the composite leads”¦ assuming you have a HDMI Xbox.” Mr. Shadow Man Himself – a.k.a. Eurogamer’s source.

The bottleneck is more on the graphical throughput for rendering out in stereo.”

Well, E3 is right around the corner and Microsoft is going to have to go on stage to say something, aren’t they?” concluded the source.

3D games have come to Microsoft’s console, but this announcement would see the system using HDMI 1.4 stereoscopic 3D in the 1280×1470 twin 720p framebuffer configuration. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of it when we hit L.A.

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