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Samsung Galaxy S3 Features At A Glance (Video)

Radford C. May 3, 2012 0

GALAXY S III Product Image (3)_B

Appearance-wise, the attractive ceramic blue backplate makes the Galaxy S3 stands out and definitely makes it a bit of a departure from Samsung’s characteristic dull black and gray designs (i.e. Nexus, SII, etc) .

But the star of the show was a whole array of new software apps. A couple of these apps such as AllShare is very similar to Apple’s AirPlay, S Beam which allows the phone to perform high speed file transfer through NFC and WiFi at up to 300Mbps, Buddy Photo Share which does face detection on the fly and tags faces with the appropriate profiles and the most talked about feature of the phone – S Voice which has striking similarties to iPhone 4S’ Siri.

Other notable features that are standouts include:

Smart Stay – The phone tracks your eyes, so as long as you’re looking at it, the display won’t dim or turn off.

Direct Call – If you’ve got a contact on your screen, there’s no need to hit call: simply hold the device up to your face and the number will be dialled automatically.

Smart Alert – Samsung’s enhanced notifications centre tells you what’s happened since you last looked at your phone in order of importance.

Burst shot and best photo – The 8MP camera now offers a 20-shot burst mode and will choose the best photo for you. Photos now possible at the same time as video filming.

Face Zoom and Slide Show – Double tap a face to zoom in; automatic slide show generation zooms in on faces as individual pictures for pictures with lots of people

Social network and camera integration – Automatic tagging of pictures, and the option to send images directly to those identified in them, called Buddy Photo Share, or display social media profile information on screen. Group Tag lets you tag multiple people in one go, if you set up a group first.

Dropbox storage – 50GB of free Dropbox storage for two years.

Pop Up Play – Play video in a window on any homescreen.

All Share Play and Cast – Share your S3’s screen to a TV, or use the screen as a remote control.

Cloud storage – 50GB Dropbox for two years

The bigger story with the new Galaxy S3 is that it may probably be the phone that finally topples Apple’s lead in the US smartphone market. Hanging on the back of the Galaxy line and a whole slew of Samsung’s other popular handsets, the Korean manufacturer is by far the largest smartphone vendor. However, in the US, Apple has held the majority share of the market ever since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007. Just this morning, market research group NPD published data that shows Samsung’s US smartphone market share rising by 140% in the last year; as of today, Samsung has a 24% share of the US smartphone market, up from just 10% this time last year. Apple, by comparison, has 29% of the market.

Hands-On Video (The Verge)

Via »Engadget

Via »The Verge