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Samsung Has S Cloud; Take That Dropbox

Tony Hannides Sep 3, 2012 0

samsung ifa 2012 s cloud

We know Dropbox is giving away 50GB for free for 2 years when you buy a Galaxy Note II or Galaxy Camera. So why is the S Cloud app showing up? A German tech site called BestBoyZ, caught a glimpse of this unannounced app at one of the booths at IFA 2012. At this moment, the S Cloud app does nothing more than give Dropbox syncing options for photos and video but other details are sketchy. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past Samsung to have their own commercial cloud storage. They tend to have their own version of every popular service; and they should. Below is the ‘S Cloud’ video from BestBoyZ but it’s in German. Hopefully you either speak German or you’ll get the gist of it based off the sound of this voice and his gestures.


Via »The Verge