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Samsung Introducing Interesting New Home Theater Gear

Victor B. Jan 4, 2012 0


Samsung announced a new line of home theater systems including a 3D Blu-ray system( that will have the “Disc to Digital” feature that lets “users to turn eligible copies of their personal DVD collection into digital content. Once users register their ownership of movies, they will be able to access and view this content on multiple devices in the home and on the go, or upgrade their collection by purchasing HD quality versions of these movies.”

Samsung also will have a home theater system(HT-E6730W)  that has a digital amp and a vacuum tube amplifier, “Samsung’s breakthrough hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology offers the best of both worlds – the crystal clear sound quality from a digital amplifier with the warmer tone qualities of vacuum tubes. In addition, the vacuum tube offers an extra octave of sound without distortion.”

Hopefully we will get to see (and hear) these technologies at CES next week!

VIA Samsung