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Samsung To Unveil Windows 8 Transformer Tablet

Radford C. Aug 27, 2012 0

Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC Windows 8-based tablet Transformer

Apparently, court drama hasn’t stopped Samsung from teasing its Windows 8 tablet. The new image (above) asks if you’re “ready to be smart” which came from a Facebook post from the company’s notebook division. The electronics giant is expected to unveil its Series 5 Hybrid PC, which will be formally announced at the Berlin’s IFA this week. IFA in Berlin is the industry‘s top trade event. Think CES in Germany. The transforming device features a tablet that’s magnetically-attached to a keyboard dock. Running “full” Windows 8 on Intel’s Clover Trail x86 architecture, it more than meets the eye at 11-inches.

It’s also likely that, being Samsung, it will make use of the S-Pen apps which has been used on Android-based devices like the Galaxy Note 10.1

Via »Tom’s Hardware