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Samsung’s Galaxy S III To Be Announced at MWC? Nope. But Will Launch in April

Tony Hannides Feb 2, 2012 2

Samsung Galaxy S III concept

Just last week, we found an insider who blurted out some specs of the so-called Galaxy S III and he stated that his sources confirmed an announcement of said phone at this year’s MWC in Barcelona. Well, it looks like the specs might be true, but the announcement date is probably wrong. In fact, The Verge received this quote from Samsung:

The successor to the Galaxy S II smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.

I guess their Samsung Galaxy Nexus event went so well they’ve decided to do what Apple does and bring the limelight to them instead of being lost with the announcements of all the other phones from LG, HTC and such. Even so, we should still see a launch date outside the US in April and we’ll get it sometime this summer.


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