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Say Goodbye To Google Sky Map…But Not Really

Tony Hannides Jan 21, 2012 0

Google Sky Map Screenshot


One of the first apps that I recommend folks to download on an Android device is Google Sky Map. It was a great way to match up against the Apple app called Star Walk (which i recommend as well). Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that Google is going to stop developing for this app. Instead, they will be working with the Carnegie Mellon University and their students to develop the app’s open-source code. Here’s a quote from the Google Team:

The Google Sky Map team would like to thank all of our users who have taken the time to send us comments over the past 3 years. You tell us that Sky Map has helped you show off your phone, enabled you to see the stars when the urban light pollution or weather obscured them and even find romance!

So don’t fret. You’ll still be able to look really cool when you show friends star constellations¬†and the names of stars from your Android device. Just know that any further developments of additional features/layers can be accredited to the Carnegie Mellon University students.