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Seidio Announces The Eco-Friendly Expert Folio for The iPad 2 & The New iPad

Tony Hannides May 23, 2012 0

seidio expert

What are some parameters you look for in a case? Color? Durability? Texture? What about Eco-friendliness? If so, Seidio has announced their new line of iPad folios called Expert. The Expert folio comes in 4 rich colors including Ebony, Espresso, Regal Purple and Ivory. Similar to Smart Covers, Seidio has kept the “minimalist design philosophy” with the Expert. It is smooth, sleek and at only 2.3 mm, you’ll forget you even have a case. Well, no you won’t. But still, it doesn’t add much bulk to the iPad.

If you look at the video, the tablet just lays inside the folio. How does it stay secured? It utilizes Clean-Grip technology so your beloved tablet won’t slip out of the folio or leave gross residue. Also, the front cover can be folded to act as a stand or prop to view the iPad in upright landscape PLUS it uses the magntic lock cover ability we have all come to love. But what sets this aside from all the other folios out there in the market, this one is made up of eco-friendly materials. So if you want to play your part in using earth happy products, this is a great start. The folios start a $54.95 and can be purchased on Amazon or directly on Seidio’s online store.

Amazon Link

Seidio Online Store Link