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Quick Tip: Sell Your iPad 2 and Buy an iPad 3

Tony Hannides Feb 25, 2012 1

ipad 3 concept

So in a few weeks, we should know what the iPad 3 looks like, feels like and tastes like. As an existing iPad 2 owner/user, I’m very excited to see what Apple has in store for their next tablet. The question is (for most people) should I get rid of my iPad 2 now if I plan to get an iPad 3? Answer: Yes.

It’s simple, based off the retail market availbility of the iPad 2, we know the iPad 3 is coming soon. Just like last year, when the iPad 3 is announced, the retail prices of the iPad 2 will drop significantly. If you’re trying to free up some money towards your future iPad 3 purchase, sell now. According to Mark LoCastro, a spokesman for

“You’ll receive a higher resale value for your used device if you part with it now, rather than waiting for the newer generation to be announced.”

This is true with any new product. This year’s car model will sell for more before the company announces next year’s upgraded verison. We’re not 100% on what features the iPad 3 will support so your best bet is to go with that lack of knowledge. Leverage the unknown. Where should you sell it? You can do the normal routes of, and even Facebook has a classified ad area for selling your items. For me, I use
Doing this would mean you would be without your beloved tablet for a few weeks, but if that helps you take in a few more hundred dollars, I would do it. Will you sell or wait?

Via »YahooFinance

  • John

    Hi sir! As someone from, I can attest that the value of a product for recommerce is at its peak right before the announcement of the new version of the specific product. It happens all the time right before every new iPhone is unveiled, as well as when the iPad 2 was near launch. If there is a point in time to sell an iPad 2 for the highest price it is now because the value will drop significantly when the iPad 3 becomes available. Thanks for allowing me to comment. :)