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SkyDrive Gets The Windows 8 UI Treatment, Android App Incoming

Radford C. Aug 14, 2012 0

New Skydrive

Over the next 24 hours, Microsoft is rolling out the new please-don’t-call-it-metro interface for SkyDrive’s web service. Shortly afterward, the software giant will be pushing an Android app to interface with Skydrive.

Besides the new look, SkyDrive also gets some new features on board including instant search, contextual toolbar, thumbnail multi-select, drag-and-drop and HTML5 sorting which should make the service a little more fun to use.  Additionally, the accompanying apps are being enhanced as well. Over the next week, Microsoft is rolling out an update to the Windows and Mac OS X SkyDrive clients. The new version will be faster at uploading files to the cloud and will use less processor time when checking your system for changed files.

There are also some improvements for developers using the SkyDrive API. Applications can now upload files of any type and photos of any size to the cloud service.

Via »WPCentral