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Skype 1.0 for Windows Phone doesn’t support low-end ‘Tango’ devices

Radford C. Apr 23, 2012 0


The first version of Skype for Windows Phone has stumbled out the gate thanks to lack of support for low-end “Tango” devices, Microsoft has revealed. “Low-end” would mean phones with 256MB of RAM. With a 1.0 release of Skype coming out of the woodwork for Windows Phone Microsoft says it will only install and run on devices with 512MB of memory but says it’s a “known issue” .  Microsoft’s Skype team may be planning to support smaller RAM on Tango devices, like the Lumia 610, in a future release of the software. Still, the majority of Windows Phone devices include 512MB of RAM.

As if the Skype app couldn’t go any further, the company also lists a number of other known issues, including an app foreground limitation for receiving communications and the lack of SMS send support. Stay tuned as we try to  reach Microsoft and pry open the Skype/Tango/WP7 devices in future.

Via »The Verge