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So This is the Galaxy Note II? Looks Familiar

Tony Hannides Aug 8, 2012 0

concept galaxy note ii

If you followed the different concept drawing and rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the photo above will look somewhat familiar to you. On the Samsung Pakistan Facebook page, they posted a picture of this phone and captioned it with, “Picture perfect view made even more perfect with Samsung Galaxy S3.” Only one problem, that is definitely not the Galaxy S III. Unless this was a major fubar on Samsung Pakistan’s end, this might be the next Galaxy Note II. Since Engadget found the post, it’s been removed from public eyes. However, the question is, is the phone above a real phone or just another prototype that will never go to market. Moving forward with the Galaxy Note II theme, it’s been said that the next Samsung ‘phablet’ will not only be bigger at 5.5″ but it will also have a flexible screen. Samsung has been toying with the idea of flexible Super AMOLED screens in the past, they even did a cool concept video on it. We’ll find out later on this month a few days before IFA.

Via »Engadget Mobile