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Social Gaming Grows To 235 Million People Says Facebook

Radford C. Aug 17, 2012 0


Up 8.4 percent since January 1st, Facebook announced 235 million people play games on Facebook. That’s 30 million more since January 1st of this year – an 8.4 percent jump.

Free to play games are apparently the big draw as of late. It has also brought more business to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play marketplace and in some regards, the Windows Phone Store. The first two mentioned stores are reported to have brought in 170 million visits to the store. It’s not known how many of those 170 million are downloads as of this writing.

With Farmville, Words With Friends, Cityville and Mafia Wars all leading the charge for Zynga’s games, those titles play a large role in Facebook’s revenue. Think of all the coins these people buy. To date, Facebook rakes in 30 percent of the revenue generated by Facebook Credits, a common virtual currency used often in the largest social network for virtual and real gifts that can be bought for friends and family (or yourself).

However, Zynga has quietly made some moves to possibly migrate away from Facebook. Moreover, they’re gunning for mobile and that can likely impact Facebook’s bottom line.

Facebook’s counter did come in the form of the App Center and the social network has announced that it has been performing well and has been used by over 150 million people in the last month. By comparison, App Center is driving 2.4 times more installs than the previous apps and games dashboard, Facebook said.

Via »Mercury News