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SomeEcards on Your Smartphone (Android and iOS)

Tony Hannides Jul 5, 2012 0

ecards awesome

I’m sure you’ve seen a Facebook or Twitter post with one of these funny sayings from While the concept of ecards are somewhat lost during this day in age, this company attempts to revive them with a hilarious twist. Some of them are not kid friendly, but they do bring a smile to one’s day. The company has created an app for both Android and iOS for users to scan through the ecards, send them to their friends or family or post them on social networks like Facebook. Here are the base features for both OSs:

• View and send new cards as they go live
• Have a live updating widget of newest cards on your desktop
• Get topical humor right to your Android device, including cards that make fun of Android
• Send cards from practically anywhere (i.e. gym, doctor’s office, ski slope, top of tall building)
• Enjoy all the same categories as are offered on the site, from flirting to workplace to cry for help
• Save cards as favorites
• Enhance your life in digital ways you never thought possible

The app is available for $0.99 in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Best $1 you’ll spend on humor for your smartphone.

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