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Sony and Tokyo Medical introduce tech to help bring regenerative medicine into clinical practice

Radford C. Oct 5, 2011 0

Aside from providing entertainment in all forms of hardware, software, music, movies, etc. Sony does have a more life changing and ambitious side to its company. Sony and Tokyo Medical and Dental University have developed the world first technology enabling discrimination of single cells without labeling material by using the difference of their electric properties. What the hell does that mean? They can separate cells without using dyes. And why does it matter if they use dyes or not? Because cells can be altered and affected using dyes. So why would you want to separate or distinguish between cells? Well, there are uses like:

  1. Distinguishing between two types of cancer cells
  2. Cell sorting – this allows medical doctors to detect the slightest differences between cells that are healthy and those that are cancer causing by following the  pathological change of normal cells
“on the basis of these achievements, it is expected that a variety of cells analyzed, sorted, and sampled without using labeling material can be practically used asneeded in life science researches such as regenerative medicine, immunology, and so on.” – Sony / Tokyo Medical Public Relations
“Recently, in medical and biological researches, some leading-edge studies focus on realization of regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and genetic diagnosis. For cell/gene-based researches and diagnoses, the information from cell analysis is important. One of the instruments commonly used for cell analysis in medical and biological researches is a flow cytometer. it analyzes with high throughput cells labeled with fluorescent dyes flowing in a narrow channel by irradiating laser light. Because this method requires labeling of cells with dyes specific to the cell types in advance, analysis and sampling of cells in native states is impossible.”
Cell Sorter
“Sony has been developing, since 2009, a new analysis system named dielectric spectro-cytometer in collaboration with Tokyo Medical and Dental University in the framework of JST’s program “Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems”. In this project, we aim at developing the technology to analyze and sample single cells without labeling material like fluorescent dyes by using the difference of their electric properties”
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