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Sony Bravia Sets Get Netflix And PS Vita Gets Skype

Sean W. Apr 24, 2012 0

Netflix is coming to Sony’s internet connected 2012 Bravia TV sets and Blu-Ray players starting today in a move to expand the offerings of content on their products.  Sony is also rolling out an update for the PS Vita that adds full Skype functionality which includes the ability to make and receive calls in the background over 3G and Wi-Fi.

The Netflix app will allow functionality similar to that found in other Netflix apps, like the PS3, Xbox 360 or countless other set top boxes.  It’s being added as part of the Sony Entertainment Network, the unified entertainment platform containing music and movies.   To use Netflix, users will need to sign up for the service either through the TV or online.

PS Vita owners will be download Skype starting today and rolling out across the platform over the next couple days.  The Skype app will work on Wi-Fi and over 3G giving those 3G Vita owners a sure edge over the Wi-Fi only model.  The biggest feature here is the app will run in the background with most games.  Some games, like Uncharted, shut down all network access to run, but the rest of the games will allow Skype to run in the background and essentially have cross platform chat.   Both the front and rear facing cameras are operational and they can be switched during calls.

Microsoft agreed to purchases Skype in May 2011 and some feared the service would be restricted to some products but that has come to pass as Skype has continued to expand though Windows phone and Xbox Live.  Netflix recently revealed their earning report and has continued to receive criticisms regarding their performance.  They added 1.7 million new subscribers this past quarter but some are saying the currently quarter will only gain them 200,000 and their stock continues to take hits.  Reed Hastings informed analysts the company is ,”performing exactly as we had hoped.”


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