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Sony Gives Details on the PS Vita Including Release Date in Japan

Sean W. Sep 14, 2011 0

sony NGP to Vita

At the Tokyo Games Show, Sony has revealed much new information regarding the PS Vita and some of the features it will have upon release.  They announced some new games, new features and the Japan released date for the handheld.

First off, it will come out on December 17 in Japan, no U.S. or European date announced yet.  In the Japanese market, there will be two data plans available, both being pre-paid and linked to your PSN account.  The cost will be 960 yen for 20 hours and 4980 for 100 hours of data.

The Vita will also be able to multi-task.  Users will be able to, in mid game, switch to Twitter or Facebook, make posts and comments, and resume the game right where they left off.   Data can be exchanged between the PS3 and PSV via a USB cable linking trophies and friends between the two units.  Other than Twitter and Facebook, Foursquare and Skype will also be supported.

Two fighting games will be available at launch, Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, the later will feature the same content from the PS3 release.  Square Enix announced a HD remake of Final Fantasy X is coming to the Vita and the PS3 in 2012.  Not Vita related, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set for a December release date in Japan on the PS3.

The transfarring feature that Hideo Kojima announced at E3 will be supported between the PS3 and the PSV, which also reveals the Metal Gear Solid HD collection will be a Vita and a PS3 game.  Zone of the Enders will also be coming to the PS Vita in 2012.  Other launch titles include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Raymond Origins and, of course, Ridge Racer.   Lastly, all digital titles from the PSP are fully compatible with the PSV.  Sony also stated they have not given up on those who own UMDs as they are still working on a way to incorporate those games with the PSV in some way.

Battery life was not talked about at the conference but according to Andria Sang, users should expect 3 to 5 hours of battery on one full charge.  It uses the DC3.7V/2200mA lithium ion battery that will take just under 3 hours to charge to full.

Also, Japan is getting red and blue color PS3s.