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UPDATE Sony NGP Press Conference Predictions

Josh P. Jan 26, 2011 0

So the guys at Sony have a surprise press conference to possibly introduce a new product. We’ve all seen the rumors and mock ups flying around the Internet (Sony is terrible at trying to hide a secret these days) but Sony could turn a full 180 and surprise us.

What do you think will be presented tonight and if it is the PSP2, what could they announce that would honestly make you care at this point?

UPDATE: okay, those Sony guys can keep a secret after all. They announced the NGP or “next generation portable” to replace the PSP.

Let me just say… DAMN. Dual analog sticks, touch screens, cameras, gps, and graphics that rival PS3. How much you ask?

They just announced UNCHARTED for it!!!

We will have more as this develops and is developing it fast.