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Sony to release MLB’11:The Show with Move support?

Victor B. Dec 17, 2010 2

You would think with my last few posts I only have comic books on the brain, but you would be wrong… I also have baseball on the brain, even during the offseason.  And turtles.

On Sony’s Playstation Blog, MLB’11:The Show is announced with Minnesota Twins All-Star Catcher Joe Mauer on the cover.  While no mention of any upgrades or new features directly on the blog, I got one big answer from the cover image:

I’m not talking about 3D.  If this is the actual cover at retail, then this years game will be compatible with the Move.  Sony linked to an post of first impressions and as far as control scheme it is only mentioned that the analogue sticks can be used for hitting and throwing which previously used the buttons.

We will see when Sony releases official details of the new features.  In the meantime, I will be standing on deck with the donut on my move controller.

VIA Sony’s Playstation Blog