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Sony’s 1.5TB Optical Disc Archive

Radford C. Apr 17, 2012 0

Remember these?


Well, Sony has put together something similar. A new optical disc archive for release by fall of this year. Aside from their obvious higher capacities, they use cartridges which Sony dubs ODC1500R, each containing twelve “optical discs” which will be seen as one volume sized between 300GB and 1.5TB.  According to our math, if you stack 12 maxed out quadruble layer Blu-rays, you roughly get 1.5TB. Despite the the somewhat brutish style in providing higher capacity storage, making 12 discs read / writeable in a stack is still impressive.

Sony ODS-D55U

The cartridges will be released alongside compatible hardware in the form of the ODS-D55U USB 3.0 Optical Disc Archive. Sony notes that TDK has already signed up to manufacture discs under license, and also lists a number of companies that will join in on the media. Check the source to get the full skinny on the drive.


Via »Sony PR