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Sony’s Music Unlimited Getting An iPhone and iPod Touch App

Sean W. May 22, 2012 1

Music Umlimited iOS

Sony’s Music Unlimited streaming service is finally getting an iPhone and iPod Touch app later this week. This will give iOS users the advantage to access the millions of songs on the service while on the go.

Sony has already covered their own products in the roll out of this service.  The service can be access through PS3s, some Bravia TVs, PSPs, PSVita, any web browser, Android phones and Android tablets.  The interface is pretty much thumbnail based with a very simple looking UI.  My initial concerns with the absolute preciseness required in the search within the service has been addressed.  This makes finding artists or specific songs easier to do.

The service, unfortunately, doesn’t have a low cost of entry.  There are two plans available, a $4-per-30-day plan that gives you some basic music channels like what is found on cable systems and satellite radio.  The $10-per-30-day plan allows full access to all the music on the service including search, the creation of playlists which can now be accessed offline and the creation of a “library” of songs for quicker acces to music you like.  In either plan, one thing that you do not get is commercials as there are non on the service.

The company claims 15 million songs on the service, but what is available is mostly the current selection of “in print” bigger studio releases.  Big artists of today will be plastered all over the service and many up and coming artist will be absent.

Music Unlimited is a streaming music service so, unless you’re using the offline mode, it always takes a some time to start playing a song.  While playing an album or playlist, the next song is preloaded so the transition is smooth, but jumping from song to song is not a quick process.

The library goes back to about the 40’s and at some points earlier and there is a lot of depth within the service, including some international releases.  New releases have also been hitting the stores and Music Unlimited the same week also so it’s been getting updated weekly.

The iOS app will be launching this Friday, May 25th.

Via »Sony Blog