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Spectrasonics Adds iPad Support to Omnisphere, Thier Flagship Virtual Synthesizer

Sean W. May 19, 2011 0

Orb Page

Spectrasonics, makers of virtual synthesizer Stylus RMX and Omnisphere, have released a free application for the iPad called the Omni TR.  This new application give users hands on control over the virtual synth, Omnisphere, with a variety of options and a Tron like display, sort of.

Omni TR (touch remote) is adds a very important control scheme to Omnisphere.  The control UI on the IPad rival what would be found on the display of a Korg Triton or Yamaha Tyros.   Since the controls of virtual synths have been limited to just piano keyboards, knobs and faders, this added control gives a new bit of comfort to using Omnisphere.

The Main Page displays patch names, volume, mutes and solos.  The Controls Page presents a mixer for controlling effects and other parameters such as resonance.   The Orb Page is a circular controller that allows real time control of multiple parameters from a touch, similar to that of a Korg Kaos Pad.  There is lastly a jumbo mode for those who needs to squint a little bit while reading the display.

Omnisphere is Spectrasonics flagship virtual synth.  It features 8 independent arpeggiators, thousands of sounds and effects.

Here is a demo of Omnisphere and Omni TR.

Omnisphere 1.5 Demo from Spectrasonics on Vimeo.