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Sportiiiis Heads Up Display For Athletes Will Make Sure You Don’t Slack Anymore

Sean W. Jan 9, 2012 0

Sportiiiis is a system developed for Athletes that will give any user a heads up display on how hard they work out.  It’s a two part system with the first part being sensors that attached to a bike, on top of feet or strapped to you body.  The second part is a readout that attached to glasses and will give an LED readout of how hard a person is working out.

The Sportiiiis display has seven led lights that illuminate green, orange and red.  One of the lights will light up brighter giving an  readout of a specific parameter and that light will slide from side to side depending on if a person is working too hard or not hard enough.  The parameters the system can read are Heart Rate, Cadence, Power, Speed and Pace.   The target pace amount and range is edited through an app on a phone or a web browser.  The ranges here can be modified making it easier for workouts to be customized.  Tapping the headset display will either switch the parameter that is being displayed or give audio alerts to let you know how you are performing.


The idea behind the system is to give people the ability to know how their workout is going without having to take their eyes off the road and look at their phones.  This means a safer and more concentrated workout.   The display itself sells for $200, the foot sensor and the bike sensor are $60 each and the heart rate strap is $70.  They are selling the the display and the heart rate strap for $250 bundled together and are expecting to ship before the end of January.

This system reminds me of the features found on treadmills and other workout equipment today but rather than being confined to just the machine, this brings those readouts to those who don’t use machines.  It’s always good to know if you’re taking it easy to kick it up a notch and get a good workout.