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Spotify is now Free for Android

Tony Hannides Jul 31, 2012 0


Today, Spotify has extended the free mobile option out to Android users. Up until now, iOS users had this benefit. Instead of paying $9.99/month for unlimited playback without ads, you can listen to ads throughout your playlist but still have a ton of features:

Play everywhere

●     Tap into millions of songs wherever. Just like the desktop, mobile radio has the entire Spotify catalog to choose from.

Just create stations

●     Create stations based on any artist, album or playlist, and Spotify brings users one great song after another. They can skip a song if they don’t like it.

Save the songs you love

●     When a user likes a song, they can give it a thumbs up and it’ll be saved to a “Liked from Radio” playlist on their desktop, so they can listen whenever they’d like.

Make it more personal

●     Every time a song is given a thumbs up (or down), Spotify learns. Its radio gets better the more a user listens.

I know thousands of Android users have been awaiting this day. Go download the link here in the Google Play Store.

android spotify screenshots