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Spotify Music Service Is Scheduled To Begin Today In America

Sean W. Jul 14, 2011 1


Spotify, the very popular music service from Europe, is scheduled to start today.  There has been much talk about this service coming to the States and what makes it stand out from other competition.  Also, this rumored Facebook integration that it is supposed to have supposedly adds a new level of sharing to music.

Spotify is the biggest music service in the European continent with over 1.6 million paid subscribers and millions of registered users.  The popularity has been, in part, because of the large library of music they offer.  No other music service in Europe has successfully rounded up the licenses for music the way Spotify has and this is why people worry for their success in the States.   In the U.S., there are many more options for exploring music available for similar prices as Spotify so there will be more competition than is in Europe.

Spotify will launch with a three tiered pricing system.  A free service will allow access to them music library and being ad supported.  A $5 plan is ad free and a $10 plan will include access to the mobile app and an offline mode.  Spotify is also said to have simple one click sharing and integration into Facebook, in some way.  One advantage of Spotify is the peer-to-peer network.  This is said to add a significant amount of speed to the working of the program and more users would increase the speed, not detract from it.

I’m excited to check out this service also and see how it compares to the countless music services in America and can it stand out from the pack using more than it’s success and reputation earned in the European continent.

Currently, Spotify is “invite only” but you can sign up on their site and they’ll let you in, when the time is right.  Also, if you are interested in premium  services over the free service, then you can sign up and jump ahead in line for the roll-out.



  • Tony Hannides

    I'm still waiting on my invite.