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Sprint + Google = Sproogle Voice

Radford C. Mar 21, 2011 3

Sprint and Google Voice have combined to create Sproogle!

Yes. LTG has unofficially become Sprint and Google’s online marketing department. What’s cooler than renaming products? Seeing a carrier seamlessly integrate Google services for your mobile device. When Google Voice debuted, mobile apps, number porting and Google Voice Lite were mostly alternatives that would sidestep from your original carrier. However, what is less apparent is Google’s real intentions – to partner with carriers instead of being one. With Sprint, Google gets its wish and Sprint no longer has to worry about maintaining their voicemail. In any case, Google Voice will eventually replace Sprint voicemail padded with features like transcribed voicemail which can be displayed online, email or text. If Google can take a step further and provide a mobile for viewing all your transcribed voicemail for other phones outside of Android, that would put other paid voicemail transcribing services such as YouMail in a bind.

The alliance allows Sprint customers to access Google’s features like creating personalized voicemail greetings based on who’s calling, call recording and blocking unwanted callers and full integration of using your own number without porting it.

Check the jump on the vid.


The Nexus 4G for SprintIn addition to Google Voice, The Google Nexus S 4G with WiMAX is Sprint’s little new toy that will debut in Spring for a cool $200. The Nexus S 4G stays faithful from T-Mobile’s original Gingerbread experience but the difference, as always, is in the inside where you’ll find both  WiMAX and CDMA / EV-DO radios — making it “4G”. According to Samsung, there will be a menu option for turning WiMAX on and off — good for saving battery life when browsing at 4G speeds. With Samsung rolling the Epic 4G for Sprint, we’re cautiously optimistic that the Nexus S hardware will make the transition from GSM with minimum pain. Available this spring for $199.99;  Samsung’s full press release TBA soon.

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