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Sprint Offers a Free Optik Tablet With Every Smartphone Sale

Tony Hannides Aug 13, 2012 0

optik side shot

Over the weekend, a leaked document went out stating that Sprint would be offering a free tablet with every smartphone contract. Today, Sprint has announced they are doing just that. However, like anything that sounds too good to be true, there is a catch to this deal. When you buy a smartphone (any OS) you’ll probably get it at the standard 2 year price with a contract; you’re prepared for that. But now when they throw in a free Android tablet, it sounds like a great deal. The “problem” is, you need a 2 year contract for the tablet as well as a monthly data plan. I say “problem” because most won’t want to spend extra money monthly that might end up costing more than buying a Nexus 7 at full retail. However, if you see a need, fill it. The ZTE Optik is a 7″ tablet with 16GB of storage, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Android 3.2, 2 cameras, WiFi and a microSD slot. Would you get this tablet? For free on contract? No word on when this deal expires.

Via »The Verge