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Square Enix’s mystery game is a browser-based brawler

Radford C. Mar 31, 2012 0

Look at this screenshot. It’s Crystal Conquest – Square Enix’s brawler on a browser.

With free-to-play (F2P) social games raking in hundreds of millions for Zynga and other similar companies, Square Enix is hoping to capitalize in the marketplace minus the farm building and crop growing. Crystal Conquest will combine real-time strategy and action with 40 players (2 teams of 20) as they try to defeat one another using summoned creatures and special abilities using a card system in a side-scrolling environment. Decks and cards will be selectable prior to battle time.

US gamers who are interested maybe disappointed to know that the game will only debut on Japanese Yahoo! Games service. Square Enix will hold an alpha test for the game from April 12 through April 16, for which it’s taking email signups through April 9. The game will be available to all (in Japan) this summer. You can see the teaser video at their homepage.

Via »Crystal Conquest Site