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Star Trek Apartment/Living Room has to boldly go – says wife

Radford C. Feb 2, 2012 1

One Trekkie’s big dream turned has now turned into a loss. His project now seems destined to go where many have before – to another seller.

Sadly, this grandiose project will come to an end and selling it to another enthused Trekkie will not work based on real estate rules in UK. Then again, it’s all up to British DJ Tony Alleyne’s soon-to-be ex-wife. Alleyne, 58, lived long and prospered after 10 years transforming his apartment into a replica of the U.S.S. Voyager interior from Star Trek: Voyager. Unfortunately for Alleyne, his project happened to take place inside an apartment owned by his future ex-wife and must now be torn down. The British DJ spent 10 years on the project, which he estimates to have cost at least $150,000.

The One-Bedroom Apartment – Transformed

“To say I’m gutted is an understatement,” Alleyne told The Sun. “It’s my life’s work – and it looks like it’s going into a skip.” Star Trek: Voyager was best known for being the first Trek series in which a starship featured a female commanding officer. After the loss, one can’t help but wonder if Alleyne appreciates the irony now that his wife has taken control of his ship.

But according to The Sun’s report, Alleyne’s wife, Georgina, 52, had been paying the mortgage. And his share? Well, with those estimates of the “renovations”, it was probably inevitable his project would end. Now, Georgina wishes to sell the unit as a conventional property – which requires teardown of the project. The couple separated in 1994 but is only now making the divorce official. Alleyne started working on the renovation in 1999, begging the question why he didn’t purchase the flat from her earlier — or doesn’t do so now.

The apartment was complete with a full computer console, flashing lights and, yes, transporters. Though one would wonder if he went as far as putting in sliding doors or appliance that react to voice commands. “I admit there were tears,” said Alleyne.

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