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Star Trek Theme Park in the works

Radford C. Aug 9, 2011 0

Star Trek ParkNot to be outdone with the Warcraft/Starcraft park, King Abdullah of Jordan has made it known to the world that he’s a hardcore trekkie. How hardcore? How about $1.5 billion? That’s right. Beam me up Scottie because this is going to be one trek many people will be making to the city of Aqaba sitting pretty next to the  Red Sea Astrarium resort come 2014.  The whole thing will have 17 entertainment areas and 4 hotels on 184 acres of land, and all powered by renewable energy giving Spock the logical nod and keep park managers live long and prosper. But next to all the awesome trekkieness , Abdullah plans to showcase Jordan’s own history. Whether that sits within the park or some corner or it still remains to be seen but, rest assured, this is going to be one park no man has gone to, at least until the doors open to the millions of Star Trek geeks.

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