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Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t losing subscribers

Andrew Lee Apr 26, 2012 0

Star Wars: The Old Republic is only four months old, yet there is speculation about the game losing its subscribers.  According to project lead designer Daniel Erickson, who spoke with PC Gamer on the issue regarding SWTOR and its subscribers base saying that SWTOR isn’t suffering any kind of subscriber turnovers.  He goes onto elaborating that even though the subscriptions have not dipped in number, the concurrent users during peak play times have which have resulted in “light” server populations.  Despite this, Mr. Erickson says that BioWare is considering merging servers in response the lessened concurrent user population, but this action is not a priority.  He says that BioWare is doing “anything and everything” to spike the concurrent user figure.  Adding to that perspective, he adds:

“Nothing is off the table when it comes to making sure our communities are strong and active on each server.”

Erickson says that BioWare hopes to draw players back on a regular basis to SWTOR through quest designs and one-off events that offer greater variety and more impact for the player.  Responding to the critism and feedback about BioWare’s ability in regards to new end-game content explains, the requirements of an extensive fully-voiced MMO means that content for missions and planets have to be planned far in advance but that does not mean that BioWare can’t adapt if the community demands it.  He then explains:

“We’re getting spryer all the time, usually it’s a question of priority and since we have separate teams working on different initiatives we can usually change priorities for a particular game update fairly easily.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic, reportedly cost $200 million to develop was released in December to a warm critical reception after six years of development. It sold 2 million copies and gathered 1.7 million subscribers by publisher Electronic Arts’ latest report.

Via »Gamespot