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Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Pre-Order Announced

Radford C. Apr 27, 2012 0

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Gameplay ScreenshotThose who pre-order the game before its US launch on June 19 and June 22 across European territories, will have a choice of three different pre-order packs. Each pre-order pack is designated by each different store (i.e. Amazon, Best Buy and Gamespot) each coming with their own in-game perks.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the robotic steel clashing and some info the the in-game perks:

Gamespot (below)

Other videos:

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is one of those games that make heavy use Microsoft’s Kinect and regular Xbox 360 controls. The game hopes to remove the casual connotation associated with the peripheral by bringing in the hardcore players to experience war like never before without losing the precision demanded of a first-person shooter.

Set in 2082, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor depicts a world devoid of computers, where war is waged with rudimentary weapons as new superpowers struggle for dominance. In this low-tech era there is one weapon class that will determine the course of the war – the Vertical Tank. Players take on the role of VT pilot Sgt. Powers as the battle to regain the United States from Chinese occupation begins.

Via »Capcom PR