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Steinberg Lets Us Mash Our Loops on the iPod and iPhone

Sean W. Mar 14, 2011 0

Steinberg loopmash

Steinberg‘s LoopMash is now available on the iTunes App store.  LoopMash a loop based music tool for the iOS devices.  It is a virtual instrument that allows the user to blend together quantity 4 – two bar loops in perfect sync to have fun with.

It is a smaller version the the full instrument found in Cubase 6 by the same name and according to Steinberg, it’s a must have.

It comes with 250 loops that can be arrange 4 at a time in a scene.  Up to eight scenes can be recalled per song and UI controls are the standard swiping and pressing the screen.  Volume of the loops can be controlled as well to get a good balance of your mix.

The cost is $4 and it’s available on the iTunes store.

Steinberg LoopMash on IOS