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Study Finds Students Use Kindles Differently Than Casual Readers

Victor B. May 3, 2011 1

A study conducted at the University of Washington found some interesting observations on problems students face using Kindles on campus. Alex Thayer, one of the authors of the study said “There is no e-reader that supports what we found these students doing… there’s a lot of opportunity.” The researchers also state that e-readers are designed for leisure reading, and students are trying to use them for more than just reading.

They found that students had difficulty switching reading techniques such as skimming the page for information versus reading whole text. Also they found an e-reader disrupts “cognitive mapping” where readers would flip to a place in the book by remembering the location from physical cues. Another issue was being able to take notes and look up references. The students found other ways to work around those shortfalls, which included keeping a sheet of paper in the Kindle case to take notes, or using the Kindle while next to a computer to easily look up references.

VIA Crunchgear,TechCrunch,

  • Radford Castro

    Very interesting *ahem* 'read'. Ah. Yes. I mades-a jokeh.