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T-Mobile Outs the Galaxy Note on a Poster

Tony Hannides Jul 11, 2012 0

If you weren’t sure if T-Mobile was in fact going to carrier the Galaxy Note from Samsung, it looks like the rumors are true. Just a few days ago, T-Mobile reps were told to exchange out their retail posters for this poster entitled “Samsung Galaxy Headquarters.” While Samsung and T-Mobile have a long history with many Galaxy devices, they haven’t yet added the Note to their line up…but it looks like we’re coming close. The third phone on the poster is a Galaxy Note with a stylus or S Pen and it looks like the standard Galaxy Note that’s on AT&T here in the US. It also looks like it’ll be 4G HSPA+, not 4GLTE compliant. Nevertheless, this is the phone that started it all with the “phablets.” Are you looking to get this or will you wait for the supposed Galaxy Note II?

galaxy note at t-mobile store

[Thanks Daniel!]