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T-Mobile’s Carly Ain’t So Innocent Anymore (Video)

Tony Hannides Apr 17, 2012 0

You know Carly in the T-Mobile ads. Since Catherine Zeta Jones left, Carly has graced our TV screens with her wonderful smile and friendly personality. Definitely someone better to look at than…Test Man. But Carly has been portrayed as a “good girl” up until now. And T-Mobile, as a company, has be portrayed as a contender but not a leader. Today, T-Mobile launches an ad campaign with the new Carly. An alter-ego if you will. One where pink doesn’t reign supreme. Now they’re about to get serious. T-Mobile’s about to “set the record straight.”

If you then head over to the designated site which will allow you to “Test Drive” T-Mobile over its competition, you currently get this page:

testdrive tmo

That’s all. So…where’s the test drive?

Via »AndroidPolice