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Tablift: The Ultimate iPad Accessory (Video)

Tony Hannides Jun 13, 2012 1


Let’s face it, as great as the iPad is, it can be a little cumbersome trying to figure out what viewing solution works best for the couch or the bed. While I still use the Cushi by Ipevo, it is limited in the sense I can only use it if I’m propped up. ie I cannot use it lying down. According to the makers of the Tablift there are essentially 3 different iPad viewing solutions: Tabletop Stands, Lap Resting Devices and Single Arm Mounts. What we need is a solution that attacks all methods of viewing including sitting up in bed, laying down in bed and sitting on the couch. What we need is the Tablift.

tablift reclining

tablift sitting

tablift lying down

The Desktop Stand only works on flat surfaces so you can’t using on your lap. The Lap Resting Device works nicely when sitting on a couch but un-usuable when trying to lie down. Finally the Single Arm Mount sits next to the bed or couch and doesn’t always give a strong enough surface for typing; plus it takes up too much room. The Tablift is a simple and compact solution.

Equipped with 3 viewing options, you can use the Tablift while reclined, sitting down and laying down flat. Also the Tablift has 4 independently adjustable legs that keep the iPad leveled on any uneven surface. The legs can fold inward for compact storage and easier mobility.


This Kickstarter Project has less than 30 days left and a lofty goal of $78,000. If you want to back their project, currently a pledge of $55 will get you an Early Bird priced Tablift. The Tablift is planned to retail close to $80 or $90 so if you like the concept of this accessory, you might want to do it soon.