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TC Electronic Warranty On Broadcast Products Extending To 5-Years

Sean W. Jun 20, 2012 0

TC Electronic DB8

In a little press release, TC Electronic announced they are changing the 1-year warranties into 5-year warranties on their broadcast products.  Some of the products included are the P2 Production Loudness Processor, DBMax Broadcast Maximizer and the LM2 Stereo Loudness Meter.  This is a nice deal because decisions like this usually give the impression of a long lasting reliable product which is key in all professional industries.

Press Release

When broadcast stations or production houses invest in new hardware, it is paramount that they can rely on the equipment for years to come. TC is already unique in providing free software upgrades when standards evolve or new techniques are developed. That generosity is now complemented on the hardware side as the warranty on TC’s range of rack-mountable broadcast processors is extended from 1 to 5 years.

The machines included in this significant warranty extension program are: DB4 MKII and DB8 MKII TV Transmission Processors, LM2 Stereo Loudness Meter, DB2 Loudness Correction Processor, D22 Broadcast Delay, P2 Production Loudness Processor and DBMax Broadcast Maximizer.

“History has proven that our range of professional broadcast products are extremely reliable,” says Development Manager HD, Thomas Lund. “Therefore, we do not see this initiative as a notable cost, but rather as a valuable benefit to our customers, who are often running live broadcasts around the clock on a daily basis, and in those cases there is no doubt that reliability is absolutely essential. Our broadcast products offer that kind of reliability, and we want to back up that fact with the introduction of this warranty extension.”