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The BEZL: The iPhone’s Anti-Case

Tony Hannides Jun 6, 2012 0

We love to personalize our phones. In fact, cell phone cases are a huge market and continue to grow. The iPhone probably has close to a few hundred thousand case options in the world. Yet there’s a flaw with all of them. They turn the cool and slick phone into a bulky brick. Plus, the front lip of the case that borders the front screen can get in the way of typing. So how do you fix this? Get a BEZL.

BEZL upright

Created by Jos Cocquyt, an aviation engineer who specializes in UAV technology, the BEZL is a simple case for the iPhone 4 or 4s. It is the epitome of minimalism. As you can see, all it is are 4 corner pieces. That’s all. I was a little dubious at first, but after watching the 3 foot drop in the video I was sold. However, some weren’t; some said they wanted to see a larger drop to prove that these 4 pieces of rubber are just as good as a standard case. Cocquyt answered with this video: A Roof Drop.

Although he doesn’t recommend you try this at home, it proves the BEZL  is a lot more reliable than it looks. And don’t worry about losing one of the 4 pieces in your pocket or purse. Cocquyt has used the prototype on his iPhone for a few months and has never lost a corner.

In this Kickstarter project, backers will have a choice of colors: pink, black, green, orange, blue, coral and turquoise. In each package, you’ll get the 4 corners and one extra (just in case). For a pledge of at least $15 (cheaper than expected retail), you can get your very own BEZL.

bezl Bose_dock

The BEZL is small enough to leave all the opens for your headphones and chargers. It even fits in most docks. Right now, Cocquyt’s team is focusing on an iPhone version but hopefully with this success, it’ll push them to make one for the iPad.

The Kickstarter project has a goal of $15,000 and a deadline of June 23rd. Right now, they’ve got 17 days left and are at a little more than $4,000. They need your help. Head over to the Kicstarter page and see for yourself.

Via »KickstarterProjectPage