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The CooKoo Watch: A Cooler Way to Tell Time (Video)

Tony Hannides May 24, 2012 0

cookoo watch

Kickstarter and The Pebble proved one thing: People want cool, fair priced and wearable technology. Enter the CooKoo Watch. This analog looking watch uses Bluetooth technology and can connect to an iPhone or Android. In fact, the team has tested with the latest devices including the iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. Its simple design is very appealing. On the face of the watch, you’ll see the time (analog) and notification icons for call, Facebook message, text, Twitter and more. You can set what notifications are important to you from the Connected App you’ll have to download.

cookoo notifications

But the technology isn’t just one way, you can have the watch work for you! You can Check-in on Facebook, Tag your location, find your phone, even tag a group picture remotely. The sky’s the limit with this thing. So let’s finish off with the standard questions. Water resistant? Yes. Battery charge? One year standard button battery. Colors? Black on Black, Stainless on Black, Blue on Black, White on Black and Green on Black (KS special).

ks watch

This is a Kickstarter project so the more you donate/fund the quicker you’ll get your very own CooKoo watch. The $50 backers are all gone but for as low as $80, you can still snag a Black on Black watch if this gets fully funded. I know I am.


Via »KickStarterLink