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The End of Wizard and Toyfare Magazines, Now Comic Book Geeks Have to Go Online

Victor B. Jan 26, 2011 0

Yeah, I pretty much don't throw away anything…

A little bit of sad news for geeks with a sense of humor, Newsarama is reporting that Wizard World, Inc, will stop publishing its iconic magazines for the comic book crowd.  It looks like the magazine side is rumored to be having a little trouble recently and the parent company will still continue to do conventions and will release a digital magazine in February.

Wizard Magazine was a regular read for me in the past because it was an entertaining way to learn more about the comic book industry and even to learn about new books.  As part of my regular stack of comics there would always be a Wizard, and maybe Toyfare.  The writing was informative and fun, and the creators behind it seemed like they grew up with the same references to movies and cartoons that I did.

The artists and writers had a venue to show their personalities and even contribute to one of my favorite sections of the book, Basic Training.  In these articles, an artist would usually school you how to draw anything from characters with proper proportions, to backgrounds with vanishing points.

I also anticipated seeing what was going to be the exclusive comic (or toy) offered up that month.

As time went on, I felt less of a need to get information from the magazines since the information was online and it didn’t help that it was getting more expensive.  At least I still remember being juiced about all the coverage for the ‘upcoming’ Spawn movie.  Good times.

VIA I Heart Chaos and Newsarama