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The Heist: Panic Room Gameplay – Like Left4Dead With Bank Robberies

Sean W. Jul 20, 2011 0

A new game play video for The Heist has been released.   This video is called “Panic Room” where the player and some friends work to steal a panic room while fighting countless other criminals and SWAT.

The Heist is a PC/PS3 game  produced by Sony that was quietly announced at E3.  Upon watching the video, I see game has somewhat of a Left4Dead feel to it.

The video start with a drug deal that you can decided when it goes bad.  The 4 players work their way up the stairs taking down enemies to find the panic room that will get stolen, the whole room, not just what’s inside.  Under fire, you set charges around the room and on the room where your helicopter will pull the room out.  Then you need to escape in the in the basement of the building into the sewers.   Looks pretty interesting.