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The Museum Of Art And Digital Entertainment

Radford C. Mar 6, 2012 0

Someone has to know what this is.

GDC is not short of retro goodness. This does not have a large collection as say the video game museum we’ve seen at E3 but it does touch base with some good oldies that haven’t had as much attention like the Pippin as well as some old Macs and PCs. Depending on how old you are, each of the boxes you come across will definitely give you the jitters once you pick up those controllers.

I got a chance to see the Pippin from Bandai (which had an atrocious control pad), Japanese versions of some old school carts, the Atari 5200, Pong and for some crazy reason, development consoles for the XBox, PS2 and a few others – all piled on a metal shelf.

Take a guess at some of the games an hardware in the pictures below. As long as you’re not born in the 90’s, it’ll definitely bring back memories.