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The New iPhone 5? New Pictures Of Partially Assembled iPhone

Radford C. Aug 27, 2012 3

As the rumor mill churns, supposed leaks of the new iPhone 5 have surfaced yet again and claiming to be the next-generation iPhone. Apple has yet to confirm a September 12 media event, according to MacRumors. These next photos show an assembled front panel of the supposed prototype.

With the parts assembled the prototype looks similar to its previous brethren of the iPhone family.


MacRumors reports:

The latest set of photos posted to the account shows a nearly fully assembled front panel with even more parts than seen in last week’s leak of the front panel with the LCD attached. The new photos show not only the LCD attached to the front panel but also the home button installed and secured by a metal bracket, the shielding frame for the display that was first seen as a standalone part earlier this month, and the front-facing camera installed behind additional shielding.

While the front of the device will appear very similar to the iPhone 4S/4 with the exception of a taller screen and slight tweaks in the locations of the camera and sensors, it is the rear of the device that seems to be generating the most discussion. The forthcoming iPhone appears to incorporate a unibody design that will incorporate a two-toned rear/side shell featuring a large metal section in the center paired with two strips of glass or plastic at the top and bottom that will allow for transmission of the numerous types of signals necessary for the device’s operation.

Via »Macrumors