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The PAL-V and Terrafugia: Flying Cars Complete First Test Flights

Radford C. Apr 4, 2012 1

The PAL-V (also a Netherlands company) is a personal Air and Land Vehicle that has been prototyped for the last two weeks and has successfully completed a number of test flights. However, it also seems that they’re not alone in the newly established flying car marketplace. Few days within the announcement of the PAL-V’s successful flight, Terrafugia has also been touting their transformable flying car. Anyone who’s willing to plunk money for these now have two choices.

The PAL-V is still in the developmental stages despite its last couple of successful test runs but versus the Terrafugia the PAL-V definitely wins on road speed and ease of take off. The Terrafugia is mostly a plane transformed into a car where the wings fold up and its rear fuselage still remaining while its landing gears double as road wheels. Additionally, the Terrafugia goes through a variety of checks and balances prior to take off and needs a longer runaway. The PAL-V flies like a helicopter and takes off with a shorter runaway. When it goes into land mode, the rotor blades fold and the vehicle operates like a three wheel motorcycle.

Terrafugia is closer to production and is expected to debut Friday at the New York International Auto Show. The flying vehicle will available for purchase by the end of the year at $279,000 with 100 preorders. As for the PAL-V, its trying to move past its experimental status and the company is looking to its next rounds of funding by investors to help bring the flying car to into market. The company plans to price the PAL-V in the $300,000 range.



Via »LA Times

  • Donnie Watson

    I would pick the PAL-V. The price difference is worth the performance and not being laughed off the road.