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The Real Life Altaïr From Assassin’s Creed Has Moves

Radford C. Sep 5, 2012 0

Assassins Creed IRL Parkour

Well, he may not be the real Altaïr but he sure as hell practiced to be like one. Parkour and Free runner professional Ronnie Shalvis donned the custom-made assassin outfit, built to allow freedom of movement and stunts. He studied the video game prior to filming in order to mimic the character’s movements and way of running.

He then teamed up with YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham to create some dramatic shots from behind Shalvis. Some of the director’s shots involve a single shoot of the free runner scaling a variety of building walls and corners. The result is a seamless choreographed ride throughout the video short. It’s an impressive piece that definitely deserves several looks.


Additionally, there’s also a behind the scenes video that documents the preparation of the shoot.

Behind The Scenes