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The Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T Goes on Sale on July 6th

Tony Hannides Jul 2, 2012 0

AT&T has finally announced a launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S III. If you didn’t jump on the pre-order, you’ll be able to pick one up in stores on July 6th. While AT&T has some other awesome devices like the HTC One X, the Galaxy S III definitely sets the bar for future devices. While the phone is very similar to the Sprint version, one big difference is the network; AT&T has a much larger 4GLTE network than Sprint will…for a while. Other than that, the specs are pretty much the same: 4.8″ screen, dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.0 and one hell of a battery. Get more information here or check out our Sprint Galaxy S III review here.

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