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The World Ends With You ‘Solo Remix’ Out Now For iOS Devices

Radford C. Aug 27, 2012 0

The World Ends With You iOS

Square Enix’s action role playing game The World Ends With You is out on iOS. Considered a cult favorite among Nintendo DS fans, the port does away with the dual screens and combines both Neku and his partner on the same screen players under a single screen. It’s currently priced at $18 for iPhone or $20 on iPad.

The DS version of the game was released quietly to the public and reached critical acclaim for its original gameplay mechanics, story, graphics, soundtrack, and integration of gameplay into the Japan’s own Shibuya setting.   Combat that takes place on both screens, and attacks performed by certain motions on the touchscreen or by shouting into the microphone. We have yet to download the game but we suspect that the game will make use of all the interactive features that the original DS game carried.

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