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The World’s Best Wide Grip Stylus: The Cosmonaut (Video)

Tony Hannides May 12, 2012 0


Designed to feel like a dry erase marker, the Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus is a good solution for those looking for a stylus. The standard stylus is thin and small, like a pen. However, the designers of this product felt that when using a tablet like an iPad or Xoom, a “pen” just isn’t sufficient. I’ve used many stylus in my past and I have to agree. Drawing or writing on a tablet is nothing like drawing on a piece of paper. The makers of the Cosmonaut felt the same way and decided to go out and create the world’s first wide grip stylus. Even though it looks like a giant Crayola Crayon, it seems to work beautifully. Originally a Kickstarter project over a year ago, the Cosmonaut has been doing very well in the open market.



You can buy one here from